Mental Health

Approximately 25% of adults suffer from a mental illness, but these illnesses can develop as early as childhood. The exact cause of each mental illness differs, but many contributing factors include genetics, injuries, illnesses, traumatic life experiences (i.e., loss of a loved one, financial stress, etc.) or brain chemical imbalances.

Mental illnesses cover a wide range of mental health conditions that affect behavior, thinking and mood. These illnesses become a major concern when the symptoms begin to affect one's ability to function normally on a daily basis. The signs and symptoms of each mental illness vary, but there is a broad range of symptoms for mental health issues – from feeling sad and confused to excessive changes in diet, sex drive and mood. Other physical changes may include fatigue, digestive problems, headaches, sudden weight gain/loss and dizziness.

There are many different types of mental illnesses, and listed below are examples of each:

  • Anxiety disorders
    • general anxiety
    • post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Eating disorders
    • anorexia
    • bulimia
    • binge eating disorder
    • pica
  • Mood disorders
    • bipolar
    • mania
    • depression
  • Personality disorders
    • antisocial personality disorder
    • paranoid personality disorder
    • narcissistic personality disorder
    • obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Psychotic disorders
    • schizophrenia
    • delusional disorder
    • substance-induced psychotic disorder
  • Sexual disorders
    • erectile disorder
    • hypoactive sexual desire disorder
    • voyeuristic disorder
  • Sleep disorders
    • insomnia
    • narcolepsy
    • restless leg syndrome

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